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Everblaze is an outstanding novel written by Shannon messenger for the kids. It is part 3 of the popular and top-selling Keeper of the Lost Cities novel series. The series stood as the bestselling one in New York Times. Moreover, it was also the bestselling saga in USA Today and also the California Young Reader Medal winning saga. The first chapter of the subject series is Keeper of the Lost Cities, which was absolutely amazing. The other quality novel from the author for younger audience is Lodestar.

Caitlin Kelly is the narrator of this novel and rather for all of the earlier chapters of this series as well. She made it a successful audiobook venture for the audience and was appreciated for her efforts as per the many reviews.

Sophie in this novel found some really shocking secrets and for that, she has to come up against the treacherous new enemies as well. She is fully determined to fight back. All her talents and skills were getting stronger with time. She is fully determined to trace all her kidnappers, especially when she found that the Black Swan group was completely ignoring all her desperate calls for help. She wanted to do this sooner, or before they come and get her again.

But, a very daring mistake committed by Sophie had her entire word teetering right over the edge of war. That also caused multiple fears that she might have gone a bit too far. The deeper Sophie digs and searches, the farther she could see the conspiracy against her stretching. All this proves that her most dangerous enemy might be very close to her than she could ever imagine.


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    Exile- Keeper of the Lost Cities



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