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Dion Graham has been narrating fictional works for years now and this is something unique that the narrator does, narrating a non fictional work by Matthew Desmond. Though the book is not dull but there are not the elements of sudden surprises of which the narrator is in a habit of narrating. So it was a tough task but performed well by Dion who has another habit as well i.e giving hundred percent in the work.

We are taken to the slums and places that we usually don’t hear about in the big cities. It does not mean that such places don’t exist but it’s just talking about them wastes the time of the people who are busy in their daily routines. The talk starts with the description of eight families who are living their lives on the verge of chaos. One step back and they would fall into the pit of non existence.

People like Arleen and Vanetta just thing of survival because saving and investing is not the thing that life has ever taught them. The two landlords that feed them or use them for their tasks too are materialistic and their true nature is revealed when one of them evicts Arleen and her children from the land.

Though it was Christmas time but still no relaxation was shown by the landlord. The novel tells us another face of society that usually looks quite decent and with a lot to spend. But poverty is always there in big cities and civilized states too they just hide it in a sophisticated way so that no one around can notice such a thing.

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