Executive Orders

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Rising in status was an enjoyable thing for Ryan even after his retirement so he failed to resist the temptation that was there in front of him. The FBI requests Ryan to act as the National Security Advisor in Debt of Honor him being the only man who could advise the newly elected president.

The ex-marine also likes the proposal because he wants to serve the country in every possible way available and now he has the chance to have the upper hand in all matters. His performance amazes the president and soon the man reaches the post of the vice president. It is like a dream coming true for the man and then it turns into a nightmare when the president is murdered along with most of the high officials Ryan knew. No time to mourn on the loss Ryan becomes the acting president and thus hires and entirely new cabinet of untrained officers.

The country is in trouble and the criminal is on the loose. No time to chase the tracks or invade on enemy’s territory and the time has come to first put the things back in order. It is order giving times for the new president but he feels it tough because he has worked in the field throughout his life and never had such an experience of authority.

For the first time in his career Ryan is not a threat to the enemy rather an opportunity because he is not skilled in any of the tasks that he has to fulfill. Tom Clancy has created a real national crisis in his new book which was hinted in The Sum of All Fears but not clear. Michael Prichard packs the story well in his voice and narrates like a common speech style that is appreciated widely.

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    Debt of Honor

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