Executive Power

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Executive Power marks another significant attempt of writer, Vince Flynn in the crime mystery thriller, which is his expertise in the literary art domain. The book is part 6 of the Mitch Rapp novel series and takes the story and the Mitch Rapp character to an altogether newer level of glory. The narration of this 13 hours long audio book is given by George Guidall in a very soulful and engaging voice.

The novel had the privilege of associated with the New York Time best-selling author, Vince Flynn.

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Mitch Rap after his return from a successful coveted mission was openly appreciated by the president of United States for his role and fight against terrorism. Rapp after a number of years of work as a coveted agent got a lot of media spotlight this time around. This made him an open target for the terrorist to kill him soon. Mitch Rapp got appointed as an advisor to CIA and within this capacity, he was quite determined to fight terror far away from the main front lines.

Ambushing of a NAVY SEAL team in Philippines pointed towards the leak of information from the State Department of America. A great risk started to lurk there. The threat was of a ruthless killer, who was on the payroll of the most influential men in the Middle East region. Their purpose was to ignite the next world war. But, they had to fight first against Rapp.

Consent to Kill is an awe-inspiring mystery novel by Vince Flynn, which you must checkout. Moreover, another great novel by the writer is Act of Treason, which again is a political mystery thriller for which Vince Flynn is best known for.





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