Extinction Code

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Extinction code is a splendid new novel from a new series by James D. Prescott. The novel is a supernatural/ paranormal mystery thriller, which is the 1st chapter of the Extinction Series by the author. The narration of this novel is done by Gary Tiedemann, which was a great performance with a strong, expressive and soulful voice.

A couple of good quality and successful novels from the author are: The Genesis Conspiracy and Augmented. Jack Greer, a renowned geophysicist is of the opinion that he could eventually discover the final place of the meteorite, which actually made the dinosaurs to vanish from the face of the earth some 65 million years ago.

Just a few miles away from the Yucatan coast, Jack along with a team of scientists tow a drilling platform over the sway crater with the only purpose of securing a sample. But, there was a highly shocking secret buried deep beneath the earth, which eventually got discovered. That revelation was quite threatening to completely devastate everything that we know or think about the very origins of many of our species.

Dr. Mia Ward, a geneticist a world away gets a very suspicious delivery coming from her ex-boss and also a mentor, Alan Salzburg. In that delivery were many clues related to a warning that is hidden somewhere inside the genome of human. This was something that foretells the very extinction of man.

The author James D. Prescott has written quite a few novels especially on paranormal science fiction and on supernatural lines. You will find them quite interesting especially in the audio format, where the performance would literally make you believe in the fantasy for real.

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