Eye of Terra

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Terra once known for its strength lost its glory because of the enemy’s raids, Pharos clearly informs us about the condition of the planet. Horus has taken the life of the galaxy and nothing is left for anyone, in this those who survive are haunted by the evil of revenge. Being positive does not remain an option for anyone, David Annandale, John French, Graham McNeill, Dan Abnett and Gay Thrope gave the notion of unending war in War Without End.  John Banks narrates the same philosophy here.

Warmaster will not rest until he brings down the entire galaxy and surely Horus has degraded the title too which was once thought to be something specified for the top warriors.

Massive killing and destruction of planets finally reaches to the fall of the Primarchs and their proud sons which were destined to take their position in the galaxy. Perhaps at this stage the author needs to introduce a few more heroes because without this the balance that has been kept for so long between the good and the evil will dwindle.

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Within the war and terror there is some talk about the unification of forces. Emperor tried hard for the unification but his dream was shattered after constant issues of treachery now once again human race in particular thinks of it as the only way to survive the burn.

It will take one or two parts in the unification process, the talk is just in the air and there are no steps taken yet in this regard. For the unifications the leaders have to sit together and there is a threat that the Warlord might eradicate all before the unification is done.

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    Pharos The Horus Heresy, Book 34

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