Fading Echoes

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Three cats with stars in their paws are united finally and prophesy was true no doubt, but they are not allowed to talk about their powers to anyone. Dovepaw was not sure about her powers when she started having strange vibes from far away in The Fourth Apprentice. After taking guidelines from Lionblaze she is able to control herself in a better way and not only this she is also making good use of her powers. Only one more person knows about this trio and his name is Firestar, no one told him about anything he just helped the three in the time of need and calculated the rest about them on his own.

Jayfeather uses his powers to gain more information about the Starclan and Riverclan, the new developing relation between the two clans make him feel satisfied with the situation. Towards the middle emerges the villain in the clans’ i.e Ivypaw who once had a bond with Dovepaw but this time she emerges as a negative character.

Fight is on and everyone gears up for the upcoming competition. Erin Hunter goes much deeper this time into the cat world and the competition makes the all of them appear more like humans. Night Whispers would surely polish the characters further in MacLeod Andrews’ voice. Precious lives are lost in this part and more threat awaits the trio in the days to come.

Three chosen heroes have to reveal themselves fully because hiding in the shadows would not solve the matters any further. Ivypaw also has made herself clear in front of her sister and both are in no mood of giving up that easily.





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