Failure Mode

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Before this book, the author of the series Craig Alanson has written fourteen parts of this series which makes it the fifteenth part. Up till now, the merry band of pirates has helped mankind in different battles. They have been victorious although the missions were quite hard they were up to the mark all the time. Some think that it was because of their ship while others think that they have been able to accomplish their tasks because of their willpower.

One way or the other, the crew has been successful against the enemy and has served as a shield for humanity. There were a lot of occasions in SpecOps and Convergence when the ship of these pirates needed repairs and they were lucky that they were full of supplies. This time the tide has turned in another way and the ship is totally going down. There are no supplies available and the ship has also been damaged beyond repairs.

The mission which was assigned to them has not been fulfilled and it seems that they will not be able to complete the task thus it is time to go into failure mode. The team never thought that it will fail in any of the missions so it is a sad occasion for the crew.

The enemy has the upper hand finally and it is clear that everything for which these pirates ever worked will be dashed to the ground very soon. R.C. Bray narrates this sad time in which the team is hoping for a miracle to turn the course of the battle in their favor.

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