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All of us have heard the background stories of the three girls that are presented in the series; Marissa Meyer left the background of the fourth one intentionally. The fourth and one of the most dominant characters of the series is that of Queen Levana. Cinder then Scarlet was full of her cunning deeds and her evil motives, she wants to marry Emperor Kai to increase power. But why she is doing all this has remained a secret till now. The author finally reveals the true agenda of the queen and how she transformed into such a monster in the first place.

Years ago Levana had a sister too who was the true heir to the throne after the death of their parents that both of the used to hate. Levana was never crazy about the throne rather she liked a guard in the palace. She always wanted to be with him but then he got married and this made Levana use the wrong ways to come close to him.

Even after the death of his wife the man never came closer to Levana. Thus when Levana after the death of her sister became the queen, she just got rid of the man forever. After that she never mourned for anyone in her life, all she now knows is that she needs earth, at any rate, to get back what she has lost i.e her charm. Rebecca Soler in the beginning infuses passion in the voice to show the mentality of a girl who has a crush. Later that girl changes into a queen and her voice becomes that of a dictator.


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