Fairytales from Verania

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After the fourth part, many thought that T.J. Klune had used all of the stock which the author had in the mind for the series.

It was not the case at all and the author has proved that by producing another masterpiece linked to the series with all the strings attached which seem to be stronger than ever. As for the narrator, there is no change and the audience gets the chance to listen to the voice of Michael Lesley one more time.

There is more than one story in the book. The first one starts with the introduction of Gary who happens to be a princess who has been captured in a stone tower.

The evil one who has Gary under her control wants to sacrifice her for the ritual but Sam and other friends come right in time to save the day. The story about the beanstalk looks familiar but only in the initial portion as the rest of the story harps on an entirely different line. It is Sam who climbs the beanstalk on this occasion but does not find the same situation in the clouds.

Then some stories take place before the time of the Dark wizard as well. The House in the Cerulean Sea and The Lightning-Struck Heart type of books had a proper continuity in the story which is not there in this book because of the variety.

The author has jumbled up more than one story in a single book because he wanted to create something new for the fans. Some links to the old fairy tales also play a role in the story as it develops the interest of the fans even more.

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