Fall of Giants

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Fall of giants is a wonderful novel that is related to the history of the world and this is a detailed discussion of the rise and fall of the superpowers of the world and its impact on the world economy and the social life on a large scale. The novel is basically about five families that are one way or the other are connected to one another and are affected continuously by the world scenario that continuously keeps on changing all the time. Ken Follett in the novel has collected and written all the famous historical events that took place in the 20th century.

Writing such a novel is no doubt always an uphill task as one cannot exaggerate anything related to history nor he can subtract certain aspects according to his own taste. There is another thing that the writer has done tremendously and that is keeping the whole thing away from the politics otherwise it would have been ruined because of the political controversies. The first one in the trilogy discusses in detail the Russian revolution but again the discussion is not direct otherwise it would have turned into a historical book and not a novel.

We hear about the Russian revolution and the First World War through our characters who talk about it as these things affect their lives and their everyday business on a large scale. John Lee has narrated the whole thing in quite a calm perspective as there is no violence in the story and no dramatic turns and sudden revelations that can turn it into a thriller, it can be termed as an informative novel well-knit and nicely presented.  

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