Farmer Boy Audiobook: Little House, Book 2

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Farmer Boy Audiobook: Little House, Book 2

Farmer Boy is the next fantasy grabbing storybook in the series of Little House written by Laura Ingalls who has a wonderful life living in the little cabin house where the family grows, lives and prays together with no fear of being alone in the world as they feel sufficient for each other. The story revolves around the fact that as Laura Ingalls is spending her life in the little house located in the western Prairie, Almanzo Wilder has a big farm where he is living in the New York.

In their farm, Almanzo has to help his family to plant, and cultivate and harvest. Then there is all work in the field including woods that need to be chopped and collecting slabs of ice from the frozen river to store.

All the fun they have would be the time when the fair comes to them in the nearby town. This is a wonderful story inspired by the fact how Laura’s husband grew in New York farm when she was being brought up in the little house. You can see the beautiful connection and how the story develops that will make you feel light and happy and you keep listening to it till the end.

Cherry Jones the narrator of the story has given a voice full of soft feelings and life so that you can feel the joy, the actual life as the pioneers and the farmland. You can enjoy reading the stories Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek as light inspirations from the real life of Laura.

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