Farthest Shore

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Farthest Shore is a science fiction & fantasy novel. It is the 13th book in The Messenger novel series which is authored by the duo of J. N. Chaney and Terry Maggert. This entire series is the best-known work of the authors where they made a new lot of fans with novels as good as Rage of Night. Other than that, Red Bounty is another exciting chapter from the duo which is from their excellent Backyard Starship novel series.

The audio narration of Farthest Shore is handled by Jeffrey Kafer. He has been the consistent voice since the first chapter of The Messenger series. You just cannot imagine anyone else replacing him as he has performed brilliantly in this novel and the entire series.

Dash was drifting within the intergalactic deep and pushed hard to start with his mission towards peace. The Kingsport from the pit of the Realm lore took its shape with having one component at a time. However, the war was far from being over and Deepers no way were anything close to done.

The space beyond the known galaxy was far from being empty. On the other side, the Arkubators along with the Deeper worlds and the other secrets started to uncover themselves. That was the scenario when the forces of Realm fought their way into the territories which were never witnessed by the humans. Dash that time was all set to extend his journey even farther than anyone had ever done before.

Farthest Shore is a reasonably good novel that is a must-listen for all those who are a fan of The Messenger series, and even other fans as well.

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