Fate The Steel Brothers Saga, Book 13

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Another romance on the Steel’s ranch and the intensity is same like always but the issues are different. Helen Hardt’s work is depicted in Laurie West and Teddy Hamilton’s voice and really touches the hearts of the audience in this love song. Brad is now the man who owns everything in the Steel Ranch now and thus among the fortunate ones of the town. The new owner and the youth of the Steel family know what he should, that’s why he is ready for marriage.

For him there is no such thing as love and romance, for him the things are simple a man should marry have children and take care of the family business. Such romantic tales that he hears about around him are just fairy tales according to him or fake and temporary.

Daphne enters a little close to the middle of the novel and she is innocent and pure like the landscape. For Brad she is just too good to be true i.e beautiful and loves everything that is around Brad. The young lad at once attracted to the girl never expected that such a girl would ever have a problem in her life.

Daphne’s life was the hell sort in her high school era but things are going fine now for her and she is not expecting any tragedies. The tragedies don’t arise like that of Breathless and Ravenous, the lovers get full time to make love.

No reluctance from any side as the two engages themselves in a bond that is bound to protect both of them from any outside interference. The two know that the dangers will come but they have the shield of love to defend.

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