Fear Nothing-Moonlight Bay

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Start of another series by Dean Koontz after the end of “Odd Thomas” adventures is a gift for the fans that just cannot spend the weekend without his novels. Center of attraction in the novel is again a strange being that is unfit in the society. Christopher Snow cannot talk to the dead like Odd Thomas but he stays in the dark all the time.

The man is not like other people living at Moonlight Bay who walk in broad day light in the morning. Genetic issues have forced Christopher Snow to hide from the light, so he comes out in the open at night and enjoys the darkness just as the people enjoy light. During these years that he has spent in darkness he has started to understand night in a better way than any other human being at Moonlight Bay. One dark night changes everything for this quiet man when he witnesses a horrible act of violence near him.

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Being the only witness of the crime Christopher thinks that he must solve the issue on his own instead of trying to gather others in it. Suspense in the novel was like Forever Odd and Odd Hours, but the story is not connected to the other world. John Glouchevitch narrates fluently as if he had prepared himself well for the story before starting it. Night time is highlighted by the author throughout and it is clear from Christopher’s situation that the rest of the parts would also be in the night time. Night brings mystery and terror in the minds of the listener and this increase the impact of the story.



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