Feared by Hell

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The book kicks the Brownstone series, as from this book Michael Anderle starts a whole new chapter of science fiction and fantasy that starts from Japan or we can say that it originates from the Japanese culture of which James Brownstone is a part but he is the one who wants to run away from all this stuff and wants to live a peaceful life somewhere far from all this.

But fate is something over which we have no control; James Brownstone is forced again and again into a world from which he runs but in his mind only because in reality in the physical world he is a bounty hunter with a one hundred percent accuracy rate and it is assumed that if Brownstone is after you then you should consider yourself dead because no police department or law enforcing agencies could save you.

The writer talks about a future where the underworld with the help of magic and technology is in power and hiring bounty hunters is a trend and that’s why it is a high paid profession adopted by professionals in the art of fight and killing. Bounty system is regal in the world and is an agreed pact between the countries all over the world.

The writer has also added the character of Shay as well in order to keep love and humanity alive in the story by showing her bond of love with James who too wants a life out of all this mess that he has created or perhaps it was what written in his destiny from which he cannot run.

Kate Rudd’s narration is not over expressive but it’s accurate because overexpression was not needed in such an intense situation. Wolf’s Cross (Wolfbreed #2) – S.A. Swann, Tombland (Shardlake Book 7) – C J Sansom and Warlock Holmes 3 – My Grave Ritual – G.S. Denning are some other stories that are worthy to listen to get into the fantasy, and imagination your would never forget.


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