Feathers and Fire Series (1-3)

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In these three books of the series we meet a girl who possesses magical powers that start revealing on their own and because of it Callie Penrose must take the help of Roland who can help her in controlling her powers and making her stronger through training.

The one thing which Callie fails to decide is the side which she should take after becoming skilled in the art of magic in which she becomes more and more skilled as time passes. She is trained by the people related to church but she does like religion that makes her a unique case and there is a high probability that she join the demons in the near future.

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In the end she finds out that she is the one who is desired by the demons but her inner goodness makes her close to God. The action continues in the second part as well with the fight between the magicians and the werewolves who hunt women only she Callie once again emerges as a savior for the human race and show her true spirit of goodness for the first time in its full strength. The trilogy is more dramatic than the rest as this time Callie starts hearing voices whenever she uses magic which is not considered a good omen that’s why she never shares it with Roland or others.

The fight becomes complex as the priests becomes enemy of one another, a war starts in which Callie holds the key. The story is well knit and wonderfully told with the description of the human emotions and the trust of human race on God. The narration by Linnea Sage also has kept a nice steady pace with the story throughout the series. 

People also have liked the Darkness Rising Series (1-3) – Kelley Armstrong and Hope Street Church ~ Books 1-5 – Ellery Adams when it comes to the stories expressed in these novels which are quite impressive.










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