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The Fellowship Of The Rings Audiobook – The Lord Of The Rings Book #1

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    About The Fellowship of The Rings Audiobook

    Being the first part in the trilogy of the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, the Fellowship of the Ring had made its influence at that time. It took the author over a decade to have his towering work complete, but his dedication was finally approved by the first worldwide readers of the volume 1 on July 29, 1954. The Fellowship of the Ring has inspired a huge number of readers, and now audio-listeners, to come to the next two volumes in the trilogy: The Two Towers and the Return of the King.

    This is not a fairy tale, but it is the epic fantasy adventure story dramatically told by Tolkien. In the Shire, the hobbit Frodo Baggins finds his fate with the One Ring. Along with his fellowship, the man sets out on the way towards the Mount Doom, where the hobbit and his companions do their mission of destroying the magic ring. What the Dark Lord Sauron is going to do? Sure that it is not easy being a hero.

    If a paper book cannot be brought on the go, why don’t you try audiobooks? Great for those who have to move a lot and especially for the ones who have not good sight of eyes. Remember that all book lovers deserve a chance to access to one of the best selling novel in the world. Are you ready for the second part of the Lord of the Rings?

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    1. This is awesome! I just wish it could be downloaded for free.

    2. Thank you for an amazing audiobook !!! It is so great to listen with all background music and sounds.
      Are you considering to make a “Hobbit” audiobook? It would be fantastic.
      Anyways, it is a pleasure listening to your books!

    3. Who does the narration and voices? I can’t find any information onilne

    4. Just finished the LOTR audiobooks there and they were amazing. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to start another one now.

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