Final Days: Escape

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Conclusion time has approached for the marvelous series by Nathan Hystad and Jasper T. Scott. Human race has survived till now but it has not been an easy task for them, they left the earth in Final Days than settled on a new planet in Final Days: Colony.

All of this has come with a certain price; the survivors not only left their old homes but also their loved ones on the perishing earth. Still they managed to start a new life except Andrew and Kendra who want to know why they were saved. Going beyond the mountains was not allowed but the two rebels performed the forbidden thing and found out something that they were really not expecting.

Meanwhile the colony becomes a slave to the Reverend and no one can claim his or her freedom anymore. With the help of newly found allies Andrew and Kendra plan one more mission that would take them out of the trouble they have landed in. Third part puts several questions in the mind of the listener, the primary one being related to the survival of the survivors.

When the survivors learn about the true purpose of Eden they and also the audience are awed. Ray Porter’s special efforts in narration decorate these scenes of mystery up to perfection. Overall the story was solid and the secrets were revealed on accurate moments that made them impressive and effective. No extra character was ever added in the scenes and those who were present on the scene had their proper role in the drama. Story still leaves a lot in our minds like the future life of mankind in the mysterious world.

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    Final Days: Colony



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