Finch Merlin and the Djinn’s Curse

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Finch is getting lucky at every step or perhaps the man is moving towards his fate slowly and steadily without even knowing what it really is. He has achieved the rank of a perfect mapmaker that was impossible for many of the magicians of higher ranks who were desperate about it. Looking for the gateway’s key there are more than one threat that roam around the main character and he tries to save himself not by raw power but by the sharp mind that he possesses.

His mind has been the key to his success so far or we can say the sole thing that has made him survive all the havoc in the past. Not only his enemies but know Finch confronts forces that are bound to destroy the god of Darkness as well and they of course will show no mercy to the man who is serving him. Bella Forrest uses the djinn concept in a new way; the word is not new in literature but appears first time in detail in the series.

Finch is not the first man serving Erebus everyone knows that from Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth and Finch Merlin and the Lost Map but what happened to the previous servants no one knows. Finch seeks a way out of all the troubles the moment he meets Raffe who has his own troubles and inner conflicts. Raffe wants a way out of the curse and Finch is willing to help if he provides him with the desired knowledge. From the look of things it is not very clear that Finch is devising a clever plan of his own now and is plotting against the god. Even Amanda Ronconi during narration uses a different tone when she narrates Finch in isolation.





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