Finch Merlin and the Forgotten Kingdom

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Bella Forrest finally tells the audience about the secret world the gods were looking for actually they made Finch to look for it for them. Now they almost have their hands on the prize but the prize is dished up with some troubles.

The people of Atlantis are never friendly even in the library books and when the characters in this book meet them they think that the history books were right after all. Erebus and Davin have their eyes on the prize and Finch is just thinking of a way out of the undersea prison in which he finds himself in. Death is what Finch has never liked and a death in an underwater dungeon is worse than hell for the guy.

All the struggles in Finch Merlin and the Lost Map and Finch Merlin and the Djinn’s Curse seem to vanish now. For humor we have another character along with Finch in prison and that is the librarian named Melody. She instead of being awed by the surrounding is fascinated because she has heard of Atlantis but was never expecting to see it all with her own eyes. Atlantis has been a myth for centuries but now the place and its people were present in front of their eyes.

For Melody even the Death Day celebration is a thing to enjoy, she is not just present to present to us the lighter side of things but again in her Finch has an extra edge. She too has fallen to the personality of man who can make goddesses go wild. Amanda Ronconi’s voice is charming as ever, winning the hearts of millions all around the globe.






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