Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth

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Series that has been ruling the world of fiction for more than a decade now enters the tenth part and the poor Finch Merlin is still under Erebus’ control. Finch has to serve the God of Darkness until the god allows him to flee away but Erebus is not in the mode to free his slave.

Erebus being fully aware of the true potential of his slave wants to make him of greater use. The one with a life that will never end wants the fountain of Youth too so that he can be young forever as well. And that takes us to the next mission that is assigned to Finch i.e to find the Fountain of Youth.

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After Finch finds the fountain the god will let him go free thus this last odd task is between Finch and his freedom. Summoning his friends does not prove to be very difficult because friends like Garrett have always been at his back and call. Ryann’s sister is a troublesome little devil for Finch because he gets totally confused when she is in the hut. Perhaps it is shyness or love taking over the man cannot tell.

All Finch knows that he does not feel normal in the presence of the girl and that could prove to be his one big weakness. Bella Forrest never experiments with the characters too much they were the same in  Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven and Harley Merlin 2: Harley Merlin and the Mystery Twins. Although the characters remains the same but not the situation and the story there is newness in every episode that Amanda Ronconi narrates.

Language of the novels in this series never goes wild and fans of every age can listen to it without any hesitation.


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