Finding Cinderella

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Love story with a different group of teenagers come to the scene in another part of the “Hopeless” series that is becoming more and more popular these days. Colleen Hoover is not changing the pattern at all but still the presentation and the portraying of the teenagers is everything in these stories. The plot is strong but no one cares about it at all when the emotional drama starts.

The couple wanted to have a dream sort of a love but then such things only happen in movies or fairy tales. Real life is corrosive and the pure or true love is lacking in every relation. Thus the two give themselves an hour in which they can provide each other with the true sensation of love and after that they would leave one another.

The girl would leave the life of the boy like Cinderella and the boy too will preserve that one hour like and exact fairy tale. Daniel never believed on happy endings in love stories and his experiences with girls always proved him right until the day he met a girl named “Six”.

He was again anticipating a short relationship and then one moment changed everything as one changes channel in a single click. It is different from the previous parts Hopeless and Losing Hope,  because they were in coordination with one another. This is totally different and a little far from reality of life, the hero is fictional and the author just presented this part to bring some newness and change in the series that was becoming quite predictable now. Not narration but narrators have been an issue with the series as it did not go with the same one; here too Jason Carpenter’s voice explains the current part.

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