Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

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The second name that can be given to Stephanie’s life is “disaster” because she has faced troubles all her life. Issues of losing a car and not having house rent to pay made her choose the job of a bounty hunter. After becoming the bounty hunter she has become so much sense that she loses cars at regular intervals now but this time through accidents. Also, the girl has not been able to make a lot of money through the missions which have been a success all the time.

The only thing which she has made in abundance is the longish list of enemies always trying to end her career along with her life. Stanley Chipotle is found dead on the crime scene in this fifteenth episode and no one can guess who the killer was. The man came to Trenton for a cooking competition that’s all and had no enmity. There is one who knows what has happened and her name is Lula.

Lula is interested in the solution of the case not only because she is the sole witness but because the sponsor is offering a million-dollar reward. The person who will get the criminal arrested will thus be awarded one million dollars. Lula calls for Stephanie i.e the Janet Evanovich’s heroine who has solved multiple cases in One for the Money: International Edition and Two for the Dough.  This time it is a heavy amount that can solve Stephanie’s money issue as well and all he has to do is to work on clues provided to her by Lula. Lorelei King narrates this story in a light tone because there was more fun in it as compared to action. Although we are talking about murder here it is not a race against time situation.

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