Fire from the sky: Firestorm

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Fire from the sky: Firestorm is the 4th chapter in the Fire from the Sky novel series. It is a beautiful science fiction fantasy, where you will be booked for hours of nonstop entertainment. The novel is written by N. C. Reed, who already sensationalize his fans with the 4 prequels to this very novel. Lee Alan, just like before is amazing with the powerful narration given for this novel.

Why Clay expected to have these and other alike issues to be absent from the life, when the end of the modern world would come? He had simple plans, which were to gin in deep, hunker down and just wait it out. He also had the idea that the society have to go through the reset time, before things would start to settle down. He also was fully aware that people will have no chance other than to suffer during that time as well. Moreover, he also knew that he will have nothing in hand to stop them all. He just couldn’t manage to help anything in the world around him. All he could do is to keep his family and friend well protected and closer to him. He could go on to maintain some sort of normalcy for all of them.

Odd Billy Todd and Brotherhood of Fire novels are written by N. C. Reed, which turned out to be his most successful piece of writing. If you are a fan of science fiction fantasies and N. C. Reed style of writing inspires you, then these are the books to go for. You will find them even more interesting with their soulful narrations.



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