Fire from the Sky: Trial by Fire

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Fire from the Sky: Trial by Fire is another super venture by the novelist, N. C. Reed. He once again proved his mettle as a strong and wise writer. The book is part 3 of the Fire from the Sky novel series. It is by all means one of the finest post-apocalyptic, science fiction fantasies that you will ever come across in the later times. Lee Alan once again was given the opportunity as a narrator and once again, he was able to hit the bull’s eye with his powerful voice and soulful expressions.

Clayton Sanders is the central character in the novel who went on to leave his home in order to join army. He left his home right away, after he received his high school diploma. This was the only reason holding him back as army wouldn’t allow him to be selected, if he hasn’t got one.

He returned to his home after a decade. He was there with no advance notice and no warnings, whatsoever. He almost had no contact with his family back home and something was really suspicious under such circumstances.

He was keeping a secret inside him, which was keeping him restless all the time. It was a secret that prompted him to take on crime in his hand and to reach the point, where his family really wanted him to be at one day. He had to pay a hefty cost for this.

Odd Billy Todd and Brotherhood of Fire are great novels that N. C. Reed have written as well. They are science fiction fantasies and the content in terms of literary writing and performance is good enough to mesmerize the fans.








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