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In book 3 of the fire blood dragon romance series by Ruby Dixon, the golden dragon is finally captured in the human world and the king has finally become the slave of a biker gang that is lead by Emma Arroyo’s sister the one who wants to free the dragon because of a certain bond that she is unable to describe to the human world. She thinks that she is at fault when it comes to the encaging of the golden dragon. The dragon has now become mad in his rage because of the captivity. Emma wants to cool her down before the escape plan.

This could only be done through mating, a thing that she has to do in order to save Zohr’s life. She has to show love and her preparedness both mentally and physically for the relationship that is perhaps forbidden in the human world, a relationship that can result in anything. The story also describes the feeling of a human female who for the first time feels how it is like to be in relation with a golden dragon, the passion that she feels but is unable to define as it is like none other, that she has felt before in the real world of flesh and blood. She feels the possession that forces her to keep the bond to eternity. Noelle Bridges and Jeremy York have participated well throughout the series as narrators have maintained the passion and energy in a story that starts a bit oddly in the beginning but gets on a nice pace in the later stages when the bond between dragon and the female human becomes stronger.

As the author has written the series very beautifully, this book is no lesser than the others like Fire in His Blood and Fire in His Kiss.


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