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Girls of Firefly Lane is a saga, which made its writer, Kristin Hannah the best-selling author in New York Times. The Firefly Lane is the first chapter out of this novel series. Kristin Hannah made a great start in this opening chapter and kept the doors open for her fans to wait restlessly for the sequel. Susan Ericksen has given the narration of this Firefly Lane novel in a highly compassionate manner, which actually was the demand of the novel of such kind.

Set in the summer of 1974, Kate has come to terms with her pace at the very bottom of the 8th grade social food chain. Then, to her astonishment, the coolest girl in the world wanted to be her buddy.

Tully Hart is known to have ambition, beauty and brain all at once. Apparently, they are opposite to each other. Kelly, predestined to be persistently uncool, with a fond family who embarrasses her at every turn of life. Tully, at the other end steeped in mystery, glamor and beauty, but also has a secret, which is going to destroy her. They both made a pact to stay as the closes and best friends forever. And, just by the end of September, they actually had become inseparable.

Firefly Lane is a powerful fable of two ladies and their friendship, which eventually becomes the strength of their lives. It went on for long 3 decades and a lot of ups and downs happened in that time.

Winter Garden and The Great Alone novels from Kristin Hannah created great vibes all around the literary fraternity and earned her great appreciation as a fine literary writer.



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