Firehurler: Twinborn Chronicles, Book 1

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Traveling to a different world is what a listener or reader wants in a story, and if you have a chance to travel to two different worlds in the same time it’s like having a ticket to a wonderland that is full of surprises all the time.

Kyrus Hinterdale starts leading a dual life all of a sudden when he sees the combination of the world of facts, of course, the real world and the world of magic in which a scribe of his dreams comes in front of him and starts performing something which he himself never could when he was a sorcerer. It was because of his continuous failures in magic that he left that profession and joined the army as a knight.

The goblin force which traps him and his soldiers possess a deeper than just capturing the whole crew in the wonderland of magical tricks. The past life Brannis continues to play over as he goes deeper in the investigation of this whole scenario. There are mysteries that continue to increase and their piling up confuse us a little at the start because they lead to nowhere in the beginning but towards the middle of the book, everything starts making sense and the story really develops from there on to the end. J.S. Morin has started a wonderful series from this book that has given a nice start to the series of Twin Born Chronicles.

Mikael Naramore’s narration starts in a bit passive manner at the start but the dullness is quickly over once the story shifts gear. The narration nicely mingles with the change of worlds and their unification through the characters.

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