First Drop of Crimson

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Trapped between the world of humans and the undead Denise MacGregor has very little chance of survival left. She has vampire friends and knows everything about them but this information is not going to help her anymore. She is selected by a demon as his next victim and he is not going to spare her at any cost. Running is good and useful but she just cannot run forever from a devil that does not get tried at all. Then there is a ray of hope which can be her only way out of the situation but it is a deadly choice too.

Spade can help and protect her if he is not carried away by her presence. The vampire known as Spade has his eyes set on Denise for years as he wants her as his possession. So going to such a devil is also a risk but the girl takes it as dying without trying does not look like a better option to her. Together the two start a voyage that takes them closer to their destiny which was always dependent on their unification.

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Jeaniene Frost does not depict love between the two main characters openly still the way the two look at each other is clear evidence i.e they are soul bound to each other. Halfway to the Grave and One Foot in the Grave also clarified love in the later stages while at the initial parts the characters remained undecided.

Narration by Tavia Gilbert suits excellently with Jeaniene’s works and whatever Tavia narrates these days it just turns into pure gold no doubt. More love, emotions, and bloodshed are expected from this series along with the revelation of mysteries. Member Benefit

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