First Family

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Child snatching on the road is usually heard once in a while but a child snatched from a party in front of such a big crowd is unusual. Not only the crime is unusual but it also is impossible without the aid of someone working from the inside. The condition of the woman whose child is snatched keeps on worsening by the hour because the abductor does not make any contact for the ransom. Sean King and Michelle are called for the job because the party was held by none other than the first lady.

It was shocking for the first lady too that how could anyone dare to abduct a baby from her domain. If the report leaks to the general public it would become a matter of national security for the entire state. Both the private agents are asked to keep the whole case a secret and fulfill the task as quickly as possible. As time runs out Sean and Maxwell find themselves without any resources.

They are left on their own and Michelle is not helping Sean completely which makes him feel stranded in the case. Split Second and Simple Genius also showed the condition in which Michelle was because of certain reasons. Here two the girl is completely dependent on Sean to save the abducted child and her in the long run. David Baldacci has made it look more of a one-man show because the role of Maxwell was not very awesome here. Ron McLarty is the new narrator who replaces Scott in the job. Giving equal standard in narration was not very easy but Ron too has a rare talent to impress the listeners.

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