First Noelle

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First Noelle: A Second-Chance Christmas Romance (Christmas Holiday Extravaganza)

A romantic and mysterious tale by Delia Latham keeps us alert at every move. It is not about romance and love alone but also about the belief Noelle in God that is lost completely because of the man who destroyed her life. She is now a loner who wants to keep her life all by herself and sharing is not an option for her anymore. The dejection in her personality has also stopped her to enjoy Christmas even as she is of the view that the whole thing was also the will of God as well so she has stopped sharing things even with God now.

The story really begins when Noelle is given the job to decorate a mansion in her hometown, a job in which she is skilled at. She goes back to her hometown for the completion of the task but all of a sudden something grabs her heart and soul so firmly that she is unable to escape from its stranglehold. The honor of the mansion Michael Holliday possesses a strange personality that keeps on attracting Noelle all the time, he looks familiar and a stranger at the same time to her.

The revelation of the fact that Mr. Holliday has a special purpose behind calling Noelle to decorate his mansion is quite wonderfully described throughout the novel. The relation because of which this unknown man wants to keep Noelle in his mansion forever is strange and mysterious it something beyond love and hate. Trenton Bennett has narrated the story is full flow and the rhythm is never lost once you start listening to it. 

For those who enjoy romance filled stories where there is a chance to get indulged into the scenario and get involved, there are more stories for people to enjoy including the Goldeneyes and Mine! 


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