Flame of Sevenwaters

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Troubles with the Otherworld have not ended for the clan known as Sevenwaters. Creatures from the shadows have attacked the Sevenwaters before but their efforts failed at the hands of the heroes that the clan possessed. The current king of the shadowy world just cannot keep his desire buried in his heart so he has launched a big mission against the clan. The king wants his son to get married to the daughter of the Lord of Sevenwaters. For this purpose, the king has abducted a whole group of travelers from Sevenwaters and is killing them one by one until the lord says yes to the marriage proposal. Lord Sean on the other hand has two daughters and one of them is a devastating war machine.

Maeve the second daughter of the lord was burned severely in her childhood after which she lost interest in proving herself beautiful. She has trained herself as a warrior but those past moments still haunt her on most occasions. It was during Maeve’s return that she saw the dead body of the traveler who was abducted by the king. She thinks that she can trace the enemy down thus she launches the mission.

Her mission is not only to save the people but she also wants to end the chapter of the enemy.  Juliet Marillier again takes the audience to the action world that it witnessed in Daughter of the Forest, during Seer of Sevenwaters the story was a different little bit but it’s back on track. Also, the presence of Rosalyn Landor as the narrator brings more fans to the book. Rosalyn’s voice appears to be custom made for action-packed stories such as this.

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    Seer of Sevenwaters

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