Flight of the Night Hawks

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Night Hawks back with the same blood thirst could mean only one thing i.e the supreme magician is back. Leso Varen one of the greatest magicians the world has ever seen is actually evil to the core of his heart. Blessed with supreme power to teleport himself in different dimensions the magician has never remained in one body. Portals to parallel dimensions prove that the magician has remained busy over the years but no one can detect him. But he must be caught by the empire this time or the Nameless One will come to the land once again.

The dark prince known as the Nameless One is in search of Leso himself because only he can bring him back to Midkemia along with his dark powers. Conclave becomes aware of the planning in time and that’s why the plan is made to tell the whole thing to the Emperor. As it tries to reach the Emperor more dangerous truths are revealed, the Emperor is surrounded by enemies rather than allies.

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All the people that were once allies of the great ruler are now under the control of Leso Varen and the stage is set for the bigger evil to land on the land. Raymond E. Feist starts another trilogy and the author has been continuing with the series in trilogies. In this way the long series does not look boring though the author sticks to the same geographical area, the same creatures and characters narrated by the same narrator i.e Peter Joyce.

The creatures like Night Hawks for example were present in Rage of a Demon King and King of Foxes though the situation was different but the evil creatures look approximately the same.

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    King of Foxes

    Into a Dark Realm


    2 thoughts on “Flight of the Night Hawks”

    1. Comment on the previous series I enjoyed the first two books and the new character’s formation. The third book made me chuckle reflectively. Mr. Feist’s leadership in the Epic of High Fantasy genre is layered, but I appreciate his introduction of new characters most. In the third book I reacted as no doubt Mr. Feist had planned. First I assumed that the Duke’s part would end. Then I suffered through the character building, yet I still did not like the duke. About halfway through, I was still hopeful the story would return to Tal, however I resigned myself that perhaps that ship had sailed (more after each brief encounter with Tal. The last five chapters were in a word, magnificent and in my opinion some of Maestro Feist’s finest work.


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