Floating City

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The floating city has everything in stalk for all kinds of listeners. The book is fifth of the ninja series and like the previous four it has action, ruthless fights and some sex related scenes as well including White Ninja – Eric Van Lustbader, The Ninja – Eric Van Lustbader and Father Night – Eric Van Lustbader. Eric Van Lustbader talks about an American named Rock who is supposed to be a killing machine as that is what he does all the time for pleasure and also for money.

The killing machine has a secret that he has revealed to nobody and that is the information about an empire that is all about murders and ruthless killings, the city that he calls the Floating City.

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 Nicholas is presented as the only man who could destroy the evil forever, but the question that arises when his character is presented that whether he possesses the courage to destroy the Floating City or not as his mind makes the decision complicated for him. Nicholas is in hunt of Yakuza who is Japanese in origin and is a big name in the underworld. Nicholas has some scores to settle with the criminal and also there is a girl whom he loves and wants to marry her.

Koei the girl of Nicholas’ dream seems to be approachable for him and he fails to decide what his purpose of life should really be, whether he should destroy the Floating City, arrest Yakuza when he has not gone out of reach yet or try to get the girl whom he madly loves. Merwin Smith narrates in high passion, highlighting all the aspects of the story through sounds and the rise and fall in the voice at different scenes.  


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