Flood Tide

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Floodtide is among the best sellers out of the Author Clive Cussler. H has been declared as the Sunday Times bestseller and a star writer.

It is actually the Book 14 of the series Dirk Pitt. It is another collection of characters and events that will never let the readers go away from the story line until they have reached the climax. You may love to listen the story  in one go without leaving. Though it’s a bit lengthy book, covering 19 hours of continuous thrill and mystery, you will never be bored.

In this story, the main character Dirk Pitt will be the target of extremely challenging situations when he will be going from Washington towards the state of Louisiana.

It is surely not a simple journey that we all go through. Rather its travel toward unexpected misery waiting for Dirk Pitt. The Quarry that is being prepared as a shipping port is not an ordinary shipping port.

Rather, it is designed and prepared to accommodate something special which will be hidden. Since the unlikely place is there, the unlikely happenings will be there as well.

The narrator Scott Brick’s voice is added to give the perfect effect you may ever need while listening to such a story. The same way in the other books Celtic Empire and Shock Wave the Author has paired the strong story line along with the best narrator accent. This gives listeners the best experience ever.

Dirk Pitt will reach to this seaport while tracking a Chinese smuggler. Now he will be knowing what actually is meant to be there in that shipping port. Also who and why it is built in such a location.

While looking for the facts, he will find about the signs of a sinking ship that actually is connected to the treasure stories back in 1949. There he will be able to find signs of the human bones, the boxes, and remains of the people. People who lost their lives and have gone missing for years.

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