Flotsam (Peridot Shift) Audiobook

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Flotsam (Peridot Shift)

R. J Theodore has experimented nicely with a new pattern altogether. The story is a nice amalgam of modern technology and magic as well. We come across space crafts and also gods in the story. Captain Talis in the story is a woman who is in the last attempt to keep her ship and crew together as she lacks the budget for the repairs even which her ship needs badly.

A task which looks like a harmless job for the Talis adds trouble to her life from which she cannot escape until the very end of the story. Then finally this whole thing leads to a battle between planets. The write has quite wonderfully enlarged the intensity of the story from a simple incident. The job at the start for Talis was the easiest one she could find for easy money but proved to be fatal and deadly and finally a threat to her and her crew’s survival.

The peridot is a pure creation of the writer’s imaginative mind. We are really bound to the story when we hear about the planet that has thousands of floating islands. We meet almost five types of humans and also gods that can die like us. The narration is up to the mark though the narrator was given an uphill task to change the intensity of his voice according to the characters that are most of the time not human and some of them are gods even. The characters present in the ship of Talis or her crew is not highlighted so that we can focus on the captain all the time who is going to change the fortune of her crew.

Other stories are also there to enjoy including  Digging In and The Brightest Fell where the narrator has enchanted the beautiful narration for the listeners.


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