Fool’s Errand

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Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden is a phenomenal modern-day fantasy fiction writer who is better known by her pen name of Robin Hobb. She proudly owns the Realm of the Elderlings saga which has five different sub-series where Tawny Man is one of them. Fool’s Errand is the first chapter of this trilogy. Robin Hobb has some fascinating novels to her credit and the topmost of those are The Assassin’s Quest and Dragon Keeper.

The narration of Fool’s Errand has been done by Nick Taylor. The performance was not up to the mark as the narrator misses out to pronounce the names of many characters wrongly. This was in sharp contrast to the first chapter of the longer series where everything in the narration perspective was right in order.

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Fitz is seen in this novel with a new series of adventures, challenges, and trials. He was living in a self-imposed exile after the Assassin’s Quest was closed. He decided to discard the given magical gifts which helped him to survive the many torments and wonders of steering the Elderlings city. And, of course, raising a dragon.

In his novel, we are moved back to the Six Duchies world and to the lives of those people who somehow managed to survive the many challenges. As many as 15 years have gone by and the many events are just near to sweep away Fitz from his laid back backwater life and to get him into the political scene again.

The critic’s rate Tawny Man a lot better than the Assassin trilogy. Credit goes to Robin Hobb for bringing yet another exciting trilogy that managed to gain the interest of the audience very quickly.

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