Fool’s Fate

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Fool’s Fate is the third and final novel of the Tawny Man trilogy. The book is chapter 9 of the Realms of the Elderlings saga. It is a product of Robin Hobb who is a sensational modern-day writer of fiction. She has produced some we inspiring science fiction fantasies which helped her to make a huge fan base for herself. A couple of her most sensational novels are The Assassin’s Quest and Dragon Keeper. You will love them in their respective audio formats, which gives a far better and different experience as reading it in print format.

Nick Taylor is the narrator of Fool’s Fate. The narration in this chapter was above average and much better than the prior two novels of the trilogy. However, the benchmark that Paul Boehmer set in the Assassin’s Apprentice (the first novel of the series) is hard to beat.

Fitz along with Prince Dutiful and Thick, the serving boy sail towards the Aslevjal Island. They must there fulfill the challenge of Narcheska to her betrothed. The given challenge was to lay the head of the Icefyre dragon which is buried somewhere deep beneath the ice. It was only with the completion of this challenge that the marriage could proceed any further. And, this might also help in an end to the war between the two mighty kingdoms. It is by no means a happy ship. The tension between the Six Duchies mates and Outislanders, their conventional enemies is just somewhere beneath the ice surface.

Fool’s Fate has a great story. The author managed to build up nicely over the last trilogy. The novel is recommended to all science fiction fantasy lovers out there in the search of something worth listening to.


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