For the Roses

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Clayborne’s family will go on with this series for a very long time. Here the author just paints an introduction about the Clayborne brothers in the first chapter of the book. The family basically had no permanent home and they had no source of a proper income rather they believed in the power of their fist to get the job done on every occasion. The people around them didn’t treat them as a family rather they used to take them as a gang of bad guys.

This didn’t matter for them because this was what they actually were from the inside and outside. Then they found a baby girl one night and this changed everything for the family.

They took the girl home instead of throwing her in the orphanage and gave her a beautiful name that suited her appearance. With that girl, the Clayborne finally became a family and they just left everything aside for which they were previously famous. They got settled in a new place so that the past can never come in the way of Mary Rose.

Mary Rose was given all the luxuries of life but one day everything got shattered when a strange man came to the family. The family took time to digest Lord Harrison but finally he found his way into the family and in Mary’s heart as well. Julie Garwood made Ransom and Grace Under Fire interesting through the extra events of the kind which the author has added here as well. No one has complained about the narration which is done by Mikael Naramore. Smoothness in a narration has always remained the strong point of the narrator and he seems to be going on with it.

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