Forest of the Damned

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A welcome to the black forest again begins the story with legends and folklores that has mesmerized the audience since the day when the first book was launched. Lee Mountford has named this series as “Supernatural Horrors” and it really fulfils the demand those who are hungry for such stuff. Religious books and different philosophies have told people about the life after death, everyone in the world possess a belief related to it.

Unluckily no one has a proof to prove that his concept is the correct one among the rest. For the sake of proof the paranormal researchers go to the forbidden forest, they know what they seek is almost impossible but still they prove to be desperate.

Some of the researchers vanish on the first night of the investigation and horror grips the rest who are left alive. What the still crave for is a meeting with the Mother Sibbett who can give them a true picture about life after death but for it they should be alive first. Keeping oneself alive in such surrounding prove to be the toughest task for the researchers. Still they march on instead of retreating as this is an option that is now closed for them.

The Nightmare Collection: Volume 1 and The Netherwell Horror are exactly like this one not in the sense of story but in scenes and presentation. Narrator is Hannibal Hills people’s favorite these days for the robotic tone that is kept it makes the scenes appear scary than ever. Cries are just extraordinary at the time when the demons and devils of the forest snatch anyone of the team members.

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