Forever Odd

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First the young lad named Odd Thomas started hearing the dead and then those dead people started helping him in more than one way. Curse which he hated once has enabled him to help even the police department.  Dean Koontz thus puts the hero of Brother Odd and Odd Thomas in another mission which has adventure and some fun for the teenagers.

With just a small job at Pico Mundo Odd never thought he would become so important for the town one day. Being the goodwill ambassador between the two worlds he keeps a balance between the two and after his performance there are many who praise him as a legend.  Luck never runs in the same manner and the tables get turned once more when an extraordinary situation hits the town. Odd’s friend gets abducted and no sign of him is found anywhere in the town.

Being able to talk to the dead Odd tries to take the search to the other world but no dead body or such evidence is found. Power that has unleashed itself on both worlds mean serious business and it will not leave without a fight. Odd Thomas gathers the allies, all that he could gather for the fight and this time he borrows help from both worlds because the terror can make both worlds pay. David Aaron Baker has understood Odd’s character pretty well so he provides the best suitable voice to the main character through his narration. Odd looks like a living character in Baker’s voice because the voice has such a lively touch in it. First part also got a lot of fame because of the narration and this one is not far behind.




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