Forever Peace

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More than Joe Haldeman this book grips the listener because of the maddening and heart capturing voice of George Wilson. One of a kind war has started in this second part and again the soldiers find themselves in troubles that they were never trained for.

For the safety of their land and their own survival they jump into troubles that they never thought about in their life. It does not mean that they have landed in the war empty handed; the soldiers too are well equipped just like William in The Forever War.

The soldiers don’t fight directly in the battlefield rather they are allotted robots that they control by connecting a certain device to their brains. It is a fight for the land and the honor of the department, for every soldier killing more and more in the battlefield proves to be real fun. Julian also belongs to the squad and so far is the best among the rest of the soldiers. The man kills without mercy and in every adventure he possesses the zeal to outclass the rest. Getting promotions and fame Julian became more confident about his job or what he does until the day the mishap happened.

Though it was just a mishap in which Julian killed an innocent little boy that came in the way but it destroyed everything in his mind. His ideas about the war and killing totally changed and he started thinking that killing was never a worthy business after all. For the first time in his career he was not proud of his killings and something within him broke that day. The book actually provides us a point to think that whether the new technology can take over our feelings as a human being or not.

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