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Forget Nothing is a work of some excellent science fiction fantasy. It is a novel written by the du of Jason Anspach and Michelle C. Meyers. The book is part of the immensely captivating Galaxy’s Edge Series. It is a short audio novel that last for just over 4 hours but it is action packed and guarantees full n entertainment.

The narration of this novel is done by Khristine Hvam. She gave an average performance in that capacity and was clearly heard struggling with her pronunciation of some words quite frequently. The word “corpsman” was taken multiple times but never heard correctly as it should be and this is just an example.

Fighting was in the blood of Andien Broxin who is a daughter of a Legion war hero. However, the battles that the Republic marines face throughout war with face on against the weird and alien worlds are actually a far cry from the brutal conflicts at the brink of the galaxy. Soon a devastating war erupted somewhere in the stellar backyard of the republic.

Andien and her fellow and being newly deployed on a mid-core planet were harassed by some terrorist revolutionaries. They were all desperate for survival and fighting hard. All their standards, training and discipline took the hard paths and brought them to this point where they stand today. If Aiden and her fellow marines have to come out alive from this war, then she need to find out that who she actually is and what exactly she could become.

Forget Nothing is a very powerful story and gives a good peak into military life during wartime. You will just fell in love with the premise and actually the novel as a whole.

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