Forging Divinity

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Forging Divinity is a fantasy novel authored by the great writer, Andrew Rowe. The novel is a true depiction of the high caliber and versatility of the author, especially when his work is compared with his own prior work and also the work done by his contemporaries. The narration of this book is masterfully handled by Nick Podehl with his awe-inspiring and confident voice, which was the demand of this novel to truly depict the character to be played.

According to some people, the Orlyn city has godhood on sale. This offer is valid for the highest bidder according to those people, who believe in this theory. Thousands of people come to this city every now and then with the hope of having a chance at the immortality.

Lydia Hastings is known as a knowledge wizard. She is capable of extracting any information from anyone or anything she touches. The time when she travels to the Orlyn city to validate the claims of the people, she found a huge conspiracy, which had the potential to lead into a war situation between the top three powers of the world. At the core of all this is a prisoner, who has a shocking resemblance with the missing leader of pantheon, whom she worships.

If you are a fan of Andrew Rowe and looking for his other novels, then you are at the right place. You must read his novels, On the Shoulders of Titans and Sufficiently Advanced Magic. Both these novels are world class and gives you the real essence about the literary skills and crafting a magnificent situation just out of nowhere.



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