Fortune Furlough

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Jana DeLeon is known for her unique and upbeat style of writing, which a good amount of literary book lovers of today like. The crime mystery thrillers are the most read genres and making one’s individual relevant in it is a very hard business and the author Jana DeLeon is doing well in this regard.

Fortune Furlough is a splendid crime mystery series and it is the book 14th of the Miss Fortune Mysteries. All chapters of this series are popular and highly grasping for the audience with the type of interesting content and larger than life characters it has. Moreover, narration of this audio book is also one of its strongest points, where the narrator Cassandra Campbell has done a marvelous job.

No vacation is a vacation until there is a murder in there. That is what the story of this novel is all about. Fortune, Gertie and Ida belle are all off for their vacation in Florida and this is what they all have been always talking about. Days filled with turquoise water, white sand and the fruity drinks are the top of the list things on their agenda. But just when the hot date of Gertie turns up dead there in Florida, everything changed for them. The worst thing was that Gertie was the prime suspect of the murder. They had no choice other than to switch to their investigative mode.

If you are a fan of mystery thrillers and especially those one with modern detective characters, then Jan DeLeon has got a lot of exciting novels for you. A couple of highly recommended novels that are written by Jana DeLeon are Reel of Fortune and Cajun Fried Felony.




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