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Isaac Asimov the author with mastery in half sentences is back with a classic series; Isaac has a habit of using these incomplete sentences so that the listeners ponder for the answers. Series launches itself with a tragedy i.e the Galactic Empire is going down and with it would come the end of all the progress in the field of science and technology.

Human race will go back into the era of darkness and perhaps it would not be able to come out of it forever. Hari Sheldon happens to be the one with the brain that can see the future as clearly as the present. Instead of being a part all the calamity or becoming hopeless Hari devises a plan to save the knowledge and those who possess it. He gathers all the able guys in the kingdom that possesses knowledge and intellect and takes them far from the Galactic Empire in an isolated zone. The plan is simple, those with the best minds would live there until the problem is over and after that they could return to the Empire and save the people from the upcoming Dark Age.

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Hari Sheldon along with the rest of the master minds name the place as Foundation and Hari think that he has stopped the darkness that he was able to see in the future. But hopes get shattered when warlords start emerging and human race is forced to accept the barbarian culture that they once got rid of.  Second Foundation and Foundation’s Edge start the real story the first two are like a prologue that sets the base. If you have names like Scott Brick in narration then whether it is a prologue or the real action everything is fun to listen. Member Benefit

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    The Fragment of Fire

    Foundation and Empire


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