Four Blind Mice

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James Patterson is a real clever author he can play with the minds of the listeners anytime during the series. There are times when the author takes you to the den of the vampires and then suddenly you find that you are in the middle of a global conspiracy. With all these flavors the series keeps its worth alive in the minds of the listeners.

No one who has listened to any book of this series can deny that this series makes a special place in the memory. Stories such as Roses Are Red and Violets Are Blue is there to stay in your mind, they are not like those little novels that make you feel bored after a chapter or two. This one takes us back to the army camps as Alex meets an old friend named Sampson.

Together the two start an investigation against someone in the army who wants to hide facts that they need to save someone. Going in for investigation against the military is never easy because you have to face deadly competition now and then. As they move deeper into the ranks they come to know that someone has been operating from within the army and that someone is very hard to reach.

If they become successful in knowing the identity of the officer all their problems would be solved but all of it is possible if they get out of the military camp alive. Peter J. Fernandez keeps a slow pace and he narrates all the serious stuff and the quicker version is left for Michael Emerson which includes the action scenes and thrillers.

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    Violets Are Blue

    The Big Bad Wolf


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