Fragile Things

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Another terrifying adventure tales section starts from where the previous book by Neil Gaiman ended. Almost all of the books by the author consist of more than one story. Writing and narrating strong short stories has remained the favorite thing for Neil.

The author does not try to keep all the short stories on the same theme rather they are presented in their raw form as they appeared in his mind. Even the places which are mentioned in the stories are different for example one story takes place in Scotland while the other takes place in England. Sherlock Holmes is seen working for the solution of another case linked to the royal family here.

The murder case makes the whole royal family a suspect, at the same time everyone present in the court is under threat because of the mysterious murderer. Sherlock solves the case at the last moment and saves many in time. Talk about the Egyptian bird brings the memory of creatures presented in Norse Mythology and The Sandman. One good thing about this book is that it is not for adults only. Several of the stories are written especially for the children in this book and there is humor in them too to make things less serious for the youth.

Neil has tried hard to change the routine of his books and he has succeeded in this attempt completely. Narration is also done by the author like always and he has remained equally well in this department too throughout his career. It’s good that he has not done any experimentation in narration till now because it is working fine.

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