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Mavericks were extraordinary in the first part and this extraordinary group which does not want to look as heroes to the universe comes to a difficult path again. The missions that Craig Alanson the author weaves are always tough to understand in the first attempt but if someone has gone through Deathtrap and Valkyrie this one will not look odd. Perhaps “odd” is not the correct word and more suitable word for the missions could be “complex”. The listener just keeps on guessing the main agenda of the Mavericks; it is not clear at all that whether the troop is on the good side or bad.

Emily Perkins has a habit of playing double games perhaps she likes it or wants to do it the risk free style for her gang. Here things go a little wrong for the Mavericks because they were not expecting a freefall in space with no one to catch them. Apparently the legion started working for the enemy because it was offering higher price and the team usually goes with the highest bidder but from the inside they are still working for the reason they joined hands. But this double game failed in a big way and someone from the inside perhaps makes their plans go upside down.

Survival issue becomes serious and Emily just cannot believe that her plan and gang was not strong enough to handle all the matters accurately. The ending is fabulous and R.C. Bray stands as a true champion in narrating action packed tales. Bray has narrated such action series a lot and not even once he has got any negative remark from the audience.

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